Asset Protection

FLORIDA LAWS – Cover Your Assets

Florida is one the premier jurisdictions affording the most protection for your assets and preserving your wealth (or at least what is left).  It's no secret that infamous celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, for example), acquire assets here in Florida to preserve their wealth.

Don't Take Chances

Most individuals believe that asset protection is only for the Miami/Dade County plastic surgeon, celebrities and big business investors, wrong - Asset protection is even more important to the rest of us, and here's why; Imagine a multi-millionaire who was involved in an auto accident that resulted in a $500,000 settlement and their insurance policy only covered $100,000 of it. A millionaire could write a check and never think twice, where the rest of us would have to liquidate everything, or have it seized in order to satisfy that judgment. Simple steps may ensure you are able to use the best protections in the country.

Protect Your Home, Savings and Investments

We offer a number of services ranging from simple and secure to complex and bulletproof. Each FREE consultation will result in you getting a custom solution that's right for your assets and personal risk. There is nothing too small to protect.

  • Marital Ownership/Separate Debts
  • Form a Partnership for Your Family
  • Place Your Home in a Land Trust
  • Prepare Your Future With a Living Trust
  • Secure All of Your Assets
  • Asset Protection
  • Privacy Programs
  • Trusts & Estate Planning