Bankruptcy is an option that most people hope they never have to choose. It has been our experience, however, that not only are most people thankful they did seek its protection but wish they had done so sooner before they depleted all of their savings, 401(k), the kid’s tuition program or the equity in their home. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is never the answer. The attorneys at Porto Legal Center, with more than 25 years of bankruptcy experience between them, do have the answers and they can determine whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you. This means they also look for other options besides bankruptcy to solve your problems.

Although some people get into financial difficulties as a result of poor money management, most people that file for bankruptcy do so for other reasons. It is usually because they lost their job or over-time hours, a medical situation with no insurance or high co-payments, or the many problems associated with a divorce. In other words, bad things happen to good people and they need help through bankruptcy to get a fresh start. But the bankruptcy laws that provide for this fresh start are complex and require that specific steps be taken in order to protect your rights. That is why it is important to have competent legal assistance from experienced bankruptcy attorneys like Porto Legal Center.

The Porto Legal Center law firm can help you keep most, if not all, of your assets while affording you the following protections:

  • Stop being financially paralyzed in today’s economy
  • Stop your wages from being garnished (even by the IRS)
  • Stop your home from being lost through foreclosure
  • Stop your car from being repossessed
  • Stop your home from being sold at a Tax Deed Sale by the county tax collector
  • Stop intimidation and harassment by creditors
  • Stop a lawsuit, even one by an aggressive collection agency
  • Stop a judgment from being entered against you
  • Stop you from being afraid of a ringing telephone, a knock at the door, or that your car is not where you parked it