Credit Repair

In today's world of credit and lending, whether it's for a mortgage (purchase or re-finance), your dream car, funding your business for start-up or expansion costs, or whatever the reason happens to be, the most important factor is the FICO score. It's just not enough to raise scores by addressing and eliminating trade lines that are derogatory, inaccurate and/or outdated. To us, it's very important that our clients understand the behind the scenes mechanics of the credit reporting system to really maximize their results. Due to the overwhelming amount of foreclosures, lending and underwriting guidelines are becoming more and more restrictive daily. So now, more than ever, one must have a focused strategy that will yield success now, as well as later.

Our goals from inception have always been to provide a credit service designed to counsel and assist our clients in attaining the highest possible FICO scores and best credit profile given their individual situations. Daily we hear questions such as, “What happens to my credit once we have successfully defended our foreclosure, or after we file for bankruptcy?” “Are we good candidates for this type of service?” This is exactly when valued legal experience can make the difference in our client’s failure or success.

It is amazing how many negative items are removed from consumer credit reports each day because they cannot be verified, whether they are accurate or not. Even after a bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 7 or 13, and regardless of how much or little time has elapsed, your credit report can be repaired. It's True! You can be on the road of recovery much sooner than you may think.

By law, you are allowed to challenge and dispute items on your credit report that are in error or that you don't agree with. If you challenge these items correctly, the credit bureaus must investigate and prove their validity. If they cannot, the items in question must be removed. Disputing negative items in conjunction with the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, and the more recently enacted FACTA, is the only way to repair your credit legally and permanently. We specialize in helping people just like you return to the "mainstream" of credit lending.

Consider this: The FCRA of 1970, and the newly amended FACTA are very complex laws. So would it not make more sense to have a legal firm perform this work especially when it is of such importance? We have developed a very unique system that has proven to work exceptionally well, time and time again, regardless of your credit circumstances.

Credit Bureaus

How accurate are they?
Let's see -- Three credit reporting agencies employing thousands of data entry clerks, entering billions of items of credit data, to include personal data, as well as credit and public record information obviously. With all of this going on there is tremendous margin for error.

What do they do?
Basically they are information brokers. The 'Big Three" Collect data from thousands of sources. They maintain credit files on everyone who has ever purchased anything on credit. They then sell purchasing and payment history information to just about anyone who wants to buy it . This is a lot of information to process properly.

Credit Bureau - Who are they?
There may be several small credit reporting businesses in your area, but the ones that they ail report to are the "Big Three", which are:

Are they governed by law?
Indeed they are. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the federal taw that governs how credit information is collected, distributed, reported and corrected in case of errors. You are entitled to a free copy of the law from any Federal Trade Commission office.