Property Loss Attorney Network

P.L.A.N. was designed with very specific guidelines in mind to assist all participating Attorney Members in properly executing a successful settlement, and assisting property damage claimants (“Homeowners”) and contractors in the insurance claim arena. The goals of P.L.A.N. are focused on pairing Homeowners with participating qualified and experienced attorneys and contractors without running awry of the laws prohibiting solicitation, practicing law without a license, or engaging in the act of unlawful public adjusting.

Thus, P.L.A.N. affords the Homeowner the benefit of a lawyer regarding policy wording, benefits, timing of the benefits, laws and regulations affecting the policy as well as securing professionals to determine the timing and scope of loss, values of materials, labor, skill of labor needed, time needed, and material quality. These critical functions are necessary to determine the amount the policyholder may take as ensure adequate compensation for their loss (the “Claim”). A Public Adjuster can adjust the Claim or dispute the findings of an insurance company’s hired gun (the “Insurance Adjuster”), but they cannot give advice regarding the policy or act as a contractor. Accordingly, it just makes sense that the Homeowner secures an attorney to lawfully achieve proper adjustment of an insurance claim.